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The Value of Education, When the Cost is Free #KidsDeserveIt

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” - Warren Buffett
Before my educational career, I was a graphic designer at a digital photography studio. During my time with that company, the photographer shared an interesting concept of “value” through his own experience. Early in his career, the photographer was offering free sitting fees, which he thought would be an incentive to draw business to his studio. To his surprise, he was not able to gain many clients using this strategy. After some time, he decided to create a high-end photography business, which involved a very expensive sitting fee, to indicate the true value of his talent. To the photographer’s surprise, the company saw an immediate increase in business and demand.
Similar to popular culture, designer fashions, and advertising strategists, the photographer was able to utilize the concept of expense to define and validate the worth of his product to consumers. The expense resulted in the consumer interpreting the prod…